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"Staying ahead in the fast-paced storage and systems business requires access to straightforward, unbiased, in-depth information -- fast. SSG-NOW offers these resources and more. The SSG-NOW web site. SSG-NOW e-news, and market reports cover the hot topics and technologies in storage and systems now. SSG-NOW provides accurate, comprehensive intelligence based on vendor- and user-supplied data. It’s concise, well written Snapshot and Delta Reports are a must for vendors that need to communicate their message with clarity, insight and perspective. SSG-NOW was founded by Deni Connor, a well respected analyst and journalist, who works with a team of seasoned experts to provide the industry with a much-needed service."

Judy Smith,
President, JPR Communications

"I highly recommend SSG-NOW for hard-hitting research reports that are an ideal complement to an aggressive go-to-market campaign. Deni Connor has an extensive global network of contacts and decades of industry-specific experience that provides SSG-NOW with excellent insights on storage, systems and IT industry trends and competitive business and technology dynamics."

Steve Zivanic,
Vice President of marketing, Oracle

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SSG Now First Look Reports

Below is a list of our current First Look Reports

  • StorageX 7.5: Software-Based Cloud Storage Management

    n a world of converging data centers and the continuing trend of both infrastructure and applications migrating to the cloud, Data Dynamic’s StorageX 7.5 offers storage admins a comprehensive, policy-based, out-of-band storage management solution for multi-vendor storage systems. StorageX offers intrinsic support for CIFS, NFS and DFS file systems and can automagically manage namespace, qtrees and other data-specific options. StorageX 7.5 represents a quantum leap in storage management technology that will certainly be of interest to enterprise IT shops, managed service providers and converged data center operators everywhere. Heterogeneous support for all of the major storage hardware vendors, as well as intrinsic support for CIFS, NFS and DFS namespaces makes StorageX a compelling contributor and facilitator of the converged data center. Published on Friday, May 15th, 2015 | Deni Connor
  • Axcient’s Data Protection Appliance and Service

    […] Published on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 | Deni Connor
  • GridStore NASg: First Look

    Typically network attached storage (NAS) consists a group of drives in a large enclosure, and expanding that system involves another drive-filled enclosure connected to the first. GridStore uses an entirely different model – a number of low-cost small boxes, based on the Intel Atom 330 processor, each containing 1GB RAM and a single hard drive, set up in a many-to-many grid, with unlimited storage and client nodes. Published on Friday, July 16th, 2010 | Deni Connor
  • Axcient’s Data Protection Appliance and Service

    The Axcient Data Protection solution is a two-tiered data storage appliance and service for small- to medium-size businesses (SMBs). This comprehensive data protection solution combines on-site data protection with off-site data storage without the need of a third-party backup application. This SSG-NOW product validation explores how the Axcient appliance and service can be deployed and back up data in less than five minutes. This report also explores how the appliance can be used as a backup, recovery and off-site platform for local and remote data protection. Published on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 | Deni Connor