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"Staying ahead in the fast-paced storage and systems business requires access to straightforward, unbiased, in-depth information -- fast. SSG-NOW offers these resources and more. The SSG-NOW web site. SSG-NOW e-news, and market reports cover the hot topics and technologies in storage and systems now. SSG-NOW provides accurate, comprehensive intelligence based on vendor- and user-supplied data. It’s concise, well written Snapshot and Delta Reports are a must for vendors that need to communicate their message with clarity, insight and perspective. SSG-NOW was founded by Deni Connor, a well respected analyst and journalist, who works with a team of seasoned experts to provide the industry with a much-needed service."

Judy Smith,
President, JPR Communications

"I highly recommend SSG-NOW for hard-hitting research reports that are an ideal complement to an aggressive go-to-market campaign. Deni Connor has an extensive global network of contacts and decades of industry-specific experience that provides SSG-NOW with excellent insights on storage, systems and IT industry trends and competitive business and technology dynamics."

Steve Zivanic,
Vice President of marketing, Oracle

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Our Services

Snapshot Reports

SSG-NOW Snapshots are an objective analysis of products and technologies that educate IT professionals about a company’s stake in the market. Snapshots are easily digestible and focused; they present information in a concise, two- to three-page format meant for rapid consumption.

Delta Reports

SSG-NOW Delta Reports are one-page short briefs on a technology or product. They identify problems and issues IT professionals face and present products or technologies that solve those problems. They are concise (1-page) and meant for rapid consumption.

Outlook Reports

These reports are a comprehensive look at the state of a market and the software, hardware and services that are layered atop of it. They are focused on vertical or horizontal segments and include a comprehensive analysis of the market and look at a company’s products, technologies and market opportunities. Past Outlook Reports were on Cloud Storage, Deduplication and Compression, Data Protection and Disaster Recovery in the SMB and Solid State and High-Speed Memory Storage.


SSG-NOW performs validation testing of products and technologies, which are published as First Looks, Lab Reports or Speed Tests, that include a features overview, installation and configuration and operation advice for the storage, server or networking product being tested. The testing provides SSG-NOW clients with objective, third-party analysis and product validation, as well as reference-able business benefits from use of the product.

We also test customers’ pre-market products quickly and thoroughly in an enterprise environment to ensure that products will survive the rigorous demands of business-critical applications. Customers come to us for our fast turnaround, superior analysis, excellent results, competitive prices, and, of course, 100% confidentiality. We work hand-in-hand with our customers’ engineers to provide solutions along with information. We provide not only the results of our tests, but also the debug, analysis and regression tests that are needed to ensure that the products we test perform as expected.

Further, SSG-NOW consultants can assist with test methodologies and planning, automation strategy, test system design and implementation, measurement techniques, test code development and porting.

On-site Training

SSG-NOW provides on-site technical or product training at a customer-specified location. Courses encompass technology and applications as required for specific technologies or products. Instructors can tailor discussions for specific applications. Technicians can learn in their own environment, often enabling them to apply the knowledge more quickly.

Training classes these technologies include: Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Protocol Training, iSCSI Protocol Training, Fibre Channel Protocol Training, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FC0E) Protocol Training  and NVMe Protocol Training.

IT Adoption Surveys

These surveys are end-user focused and survey IT on their adoption and deployment of specific storage and systems technologies. Past surveys were on Cloud Storage, Deduplication and Compression,  Data Protection and Disaster Recovery and Solid State and High-Speed Memory Storage.

Consulting Services

SSG-NOW offers market entry plans, go-to-market strategies, webinars, competitive intelligence, speaking engagements and white papers (Snapshot and Delta Reports), podcasts and videos.

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