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"Staying ahead in the fast-paced storage and systems business requires access to straightforward, unbiased, in-depth information -- fast. SSG-NOW offers these resources and more. The SSG-NOW web site. SSG-NOW e-news, and market reports cover the hot topics and technologies in storage and systems now. SSG-NOW provides accurate, comprehensive intelligence based on vendor- and user-supplied data. It’s concise, well written Snapshot and Delta Reports are a must for vendors that need to communicate their message with clarity, insight and perspective. SSG-NOW was founded by Deni Connor, a well respected analyst and journalist, who works with a team of seasoned experts to provide the industry with a much-needed service."

Judy Smith,
President, JPR Communications

"I highly recommend SSG-NOW for hard-hitting research reports that are an ideal complement to an aggressive go-to-market campaign. Deni Connor has an extensive global network of contacts and decades of industry-specific experience that provides SSG-NOW with excellent insights on storage, systems and IT industry trends and competitive business and technology dynamics."

Steve Zivanic,
Vice President of marketing, Oracle

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SSG Now Outlook Reports

Below is a list of our current Outlook Reports

  • Cloud Storage: Adoption, Practice and Deployment

    There are nearly as many definitions of cloud storage as there are providers of cloud services. In simplest terms, cloud storage is data storage or services hosted remotely on servers and storage devices on the Internet or a similar private network, usually hosted by a third party. This comprehensive report examines the landscape of the cloud storage market and the players in it. Published on Thursday, September 13th, 2012 | Deni Connor
  • Data Reduction: Realizing the Benefits of Deduplication and Compression

    Deduplication and compression of primary and secondary data brings a lot of benefits to an organization. Whether it is saving on the amount of disk space consumed by the backup process or on expenditures for additional storage capacity, the data reduction market is growing. It is becoming a necessary capability for most organizations when they look for backup software. There is confusion, however, in how different vendors implement their data deduplication – whether inline or post-processing is better, whether data should be compressed in variable length or fixed length blocks, and what the advantages of compressing data from the get-go are. Published on Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 | admin
  • Abstract: 2012 The Changing Face of SMB Storage

    […] Published on Monday, May 7th, 2012 | Deni Connor
  • Solid State Drives and High-speed Memory Report and Survey – Table of Contents

    […] Published on Saturday, September 17th, 2011 | Deni Connor
  • Cloud Storage: Adoption, Practice and Deployment

    This study is a comprehensive report on the state of the cloud storage market and of the storage services that are layered atop of it. It includes a definition of cloud storage, discusses how cloud storage is deployed, surveys users on their expectations of the cloud and provides a detailed look at the vendors and services users will deploy in the cloud. The study is expected to be published in February 2011. Published on Friday, December 3rd, 2010 | Deni Connor
  • Abstract: Data protection and recovery in the Small-Midsized Business (SMB)

    […] Published on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 | Deni Connor