OSNEXUS QuantaStor: Flexible, Scalable, Software-defined Storage

By Earl Follis, senior analyst
Deni Connor, founding analyst
February 2016

Software-defined storage offers the potential for better, cheaper, easier to provision and easier to maintain storage but no company to date has delivered on that potential quite like OSNEXUS. The company’s QuantaStor SDS platform utilizes a grid architecture that supports up to 32 appliances, (32PB), within Рor between Рdata centers that can be managed as a single storage system via a web interface from any location. That capability alone makes managing QuantaStor storage pools far easier than managing traditional storage, but QuantaStor does not stop there. QuantaStor has been designed from the ground up as a revolutionary SDS platform that relieves much of the day-to-day management overhead via automation and programmability.OSNEXUS


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