Parsec Labs’ Storage Accelerator Transforms Any Storage into Flash

HyperQTM appliance spans data storage from spinning disks to flash to cloud

Earl Follis, senior analyst
Deni Connor, founding analyst
August 2015

In a world where traditional storage hardware and software costs continue to indiscriminately gobble up large amounts of IT budget, Parsec Labs’ software-defined-storage-based HyperQTM offers significant performance improvements and cost savings compared to expanding or upgrading your traditional storage strategies. HyperQ sits above your existing storage arrays and parses all disk IO requests in order to streamline the storage of data, while automagically caching and routing data to the correct storage tier based on data access metrics collected by HyperQ. This automated tiering process is constantly working to store data in the cheapest, most appropriate tier while simultaneously performing data deduplication, compression and encryption in flight and at rest, as needed. HyperQ offers a radical yet cost-effective solution to remove day-to-day data management tasks from your storage admins’ to-do list. HyperQ has the built-in intelligence to store data where it makes the most sense, both technically and financially. This allows HyperQ to provide immediate and ongoing savings compared to traditional data storage products.

Parsec Labs Delta Report

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