The Cisco MDS 9718 Director: A beast in a box

Logan Harbaugh, senior analyst
February 2015

The Cisco Multilayer Director 9718 switch is the very definition of data center big iron — a director-class, ‘Data center in a Chassis’. The MDS 9718 is a switch that is 26 rack units (more than half a full-height rack) and supports up to 768 2/4/8/16Gb Fibre Channel or 10G Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) ports, or up to 384 40Gb FCoE ports. Each of the 16 slots can handle 1.5Tbps, for a total non-blocking capacity of 24Tbps. The MDS 9718 is also the industry’s first SAN director to support REST API calls directly to the switch and is also the industry’s first 32G ready director.

Cisco First Look

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